Nu-Life Automotive is a family own business, has been in business for 14yrs.

When it comes to family expenses, automotive vehicles represent one of the largest expenditures. Keep your vehicle well maintained and avoid putting off need repairs, and you should ensure many years of reliable service.

We have well trained technicians working in an up-to-date shop. We remain current with the on going changes in technology and have access to current resource materials and equipment needed to repair today's complicated computer controlled vehicles. 

We can provide factory scheduled maintenance for your newer vehicle using parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications to ensure your warranty requirements are met.

We offer oil changes, brakes, suspension, exhaust,tune-ups, diagnostic troubleshooting, fuel injection service, tires, M.T.O safety inspection, & Alignments.

We look forward in making sure your ride is safe for any road trip!! Call and book your appointment.


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